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Realtors in Moscow, Idaho

Think about your life. Did you know that the average person spends 1/3 of it at work? For many people, that means a daily grind full of stress. In sales, it is even more so but we do not believe it should be that way. We believe that work life should be surrounded by positive, influential people who are passionate and successful at what they do. All with the intention of passing that feeling onto you.

You might have noticed that Magenta & Co. is unlike any other real estate office you have found. The truth is, we have all worked in fast-paced, competitive real estate environments and yes, we have been successful at it. We have set and broken county records and while that is great for us, we wanted to set a new standard of service for you. Why? Because real estate is not just a numbers game. It is about people: the people we work with and more importantly, the people we work for.

So what did we create?
A team of successful agents who compete for YOU, not against each other.

At Magenta & Co., you are welcomed into a community of like-minded, supportive individuals who work together to deliver the very best for you. Some may call that a concierge service, but that is just our baseline. When you walk into our office, you will feel the difference, and we believe that is what makes us such a successful team. Our team is not only us; it includes you.

Now you know our secret- it is not all about winning and closing the sale. You mean more to us than that, we want to earn your business for years to come. It does not matter if we are introducing you to our small-town community or helping you say goodbye to it. Our team is your team, and we cannot wait to meet you. Please reach out as we would welcome the opportunity to meet you over a cup of coffee.

Tiffany bentley

Realtors in Moscow, Idaho

Some say the average American buys or sells at least 5 properties in their lifetime. That means you’re going to be counting on someone to find you the perfect home or the perfect buyer. You need someone who will be your tough negotiator, who is honest, creative, and personable. You especially need someone positively rooted in the community, because you never know what properties are being whispered in ears long before they are publicly listed to everyone. That’s why I’m a Realtor. I believe in two things: kindness and putting your heart into your work. I’m a top producing Realtor in the area, and it’s because I believe in paying it forward. Realty isn’t really my passion, people are. That’s because I know that the difference between buying and selling a house isn’t the property itself, but the people involved in the process.

I’d love to meet you over a cup of coffee and show you what it really means to have a Realtor who works not just for, but with you.

If you take care of people,
people will take care of your business.”

Tiffany Bentley

Megan RAE

I graduated from Gonzaga University and spent 15 years writing DIY articles for a national magazine. As a real estate agent, I combine my comfort in photography, staging, home design, writing, and styling with the home buying and selling process and make things easier for you! Not just easier, but a positive, wonderful part of the memories you make as you embark on selling or buying a home.

I grew up in the Moscow area in a farmhouse built in the very early 1900s, and as an adult, my family and I have owned homes in multiple Moscow neighborhoods. I am very familiar with all varieties of homeownership on the Palouse and look forward to helping you find yours. So, let’s go house hunting! Or let me help you list your home and allow all of its true potential to shine.

They say a real estate agent is truly a matchmaker. Helping clients match their story to their home is a privilege and one I would be honored to help you with! Please feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions.


Alexis RYAN

The movie version of me would say I’m a kind, hardworking woman who loves being a new mom. I’m incredibly passionate and driven due to my unique training in real estate. I love a pair of big earrings and a great cup of coffee.

But the book me would have you hooked on chapter 1, where I tell you all about how I worked for 6 years as an Executive Assistant to Latah County’s top Real Estate Agent while I was attending college, and eventually while I obtained my own Realtor’s license. That’s a mouthful because it is. Helping Tiffany crush county records and giving stellar service to every customer inspired me to follow in her footsteps and carry on in her legacy. I know every facet of this business because I’ve been involved in small to multi-million dollar deals and have been proud to walk the line of success that determination, organization, and gratitude brings. In my other new role as mom, I’m learning the importance of appreciation for the little things and I love applying that to the office daily. I’m proud to work alongside Tiffany as we develop Magenta and the concepts that we believe in. I’m excited to offer this to my clients because these concepts were built on our not-so-secret sauce: kindness and hard work. Well, maybe some great coffee and big earrings, too.

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